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Fashion ELITE is a brand that boasts a long tradition of tailoring uniquely designed dresses. Many years of knowledge and experience are intertwined with modern trends and the latest technology. Tailoring knowledge, precision in the production of even the smallest detail and first-class materials distinguish the creations of the Fashion ELITE brand.

More than thirty years of tradition in the choice of materials, preparation and final production is synonymous with the uniqueness and recognizability and irreplaceability of the Fashion ELITE dress.

With us, a tradition that is intertwined with knowledge, experience and technology awaits you. May our common fellowship accompany you throughout your life. Allow us to be with you at all your life’s turning points and the most important events. Indulge in unique and unforgettable feelings of self-confidence, comfort and elegance.

What makes Fashion ELITE different?

Expect a holistic approach with us, from the first meeting to the final dress. Quality materials in symbiosis with precise workmanship, tailored to your body and needs, are our qualities, which your dress exudes with comfort and prestige.


The secret of comfort is in the material!

The creation of a prestigious dress begins with the choice of material. The basis is the highest quality materials and raw materials, which we order for each garment separately from domestic and foreign manufacturers. You will get to know a wide selection of materials for different occasions and seasons. The choice of materials in different price ranges offers you the convenience of feeling the goods for your new outfit.

Only yours, down to the last detail.



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