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Luxury women's pajamas made of 100% real mulberry silk with a density of 22 mm,  of the highest quality  silk  on the market is the perfect solution for hot or cold  nights. One of  features silk is a shiny look that will especially impress ladies who appreciate elegance and do not want to give it up even while sleeping.


Women's silk pajamas - Black

€650.00 Regular Price
€325.00Sale Price
  • Silk pajamas are tailored to real numbers and will fit your body nicely. (If you have any specifics about the dimensions, please write them in our notes.)

  • 100% real mulberry silk,  density: 22 mm, highest quality silk.

    • Done  in Slovenia.

    * Because it will  pajamas made just for you, please feel free to give us a description  describe your specialties if you have them (e.g. longer sleeves, longer ones  trousers,  oz. you can write us your measurements).  If special requirements are written in the notes, we will contact you before the production to check your order again and you will be able to receive pajamas that will fit you perfectly.

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